How To Blog When You're A Sleepless New Dad


I suppose the answer can't? 

I mean if there are dads out there who seem to be able to do so, then by all means, I am open to suggestions. But ever since we gave birth in January, I've had to continue working, leading Pushpin Visual Solutions into our new phase (in itself akin to caring for a new baby--lots of demands on time, attention, and energy), and supporting the wife however I can. "However I can" here means being as much of a hands-on dad as possible, and doing the lion's share of the house chores so that mommy can focus on breastfeeding the baby and recovering from her CS operation.

It's been seven months since. Maybe now I can get back in the saddle again. But I've learned my lesson: no more bold proclamations like "Hello world! I'm back to blogging again! Expect a new post twice, three times a day!"  This time, I'm taking a cue from my own child, Liam Oliver: baby steps, daddy, one at a time.