I use visual stories to help make things make sense.

Since college, I’ve been a comic book creator, illustrator, graphic designer, copywriter, teacher, entrepreneur, and project manager. What drives me is a desire to make sense of the deluge of data and stimulus around us, to help turn raw data into meaningful information. How I choose to do so is by creating narratives; whatever form or medium it manifests, stories make meaning.

These days, I am pioneering graphic recording in the Philippines through the studio I co-founded, Pushpin Visual Solutions. I'm also a WIAL-Certified Action Learning Coach, and a management consultant focusing on innovation and design thinking within organizations. 

I still make time for illustration work and comics, having recently published my first solo graphic novel, The Amazing True-ish Story of Andres Celestial. I've been published in the National Book Award-winning graphic novel anthologies Siglo: Freedom and Siglo: PassionAng Mga Kuwento Ni Lola BasyangLola: A Ghost Story, and the best-selling The More The Manyer series.

When not at my desk, I'm off playing Lego with my 1-year old son. 

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For What It Is Worth, Press Coverage:

The Pull List from Indieket Komikon, The Philippine Star (August 2014) - My Tip the Waiter project is included in this list of recommendations. Writes Rick Olivares: "If you like Banksy's Wall and Piece, then you should pick up Elbert Or's Tip the Waiter. As you go through it, you'll realize you're smiling, nodding, and then thinking of your own tips."

Happiness is a Funny Animal, The Philippine Star (May 2014) - This list of recommendations includes Bakemono High, which is described generously as the "Peanuts of local fare," and that it is "fun, highly imaginative, and puts back the groovy in the ghouly."

Episode 10, WIP For It (December 2013) - An hour-long podcast conversation with hosts Hub Pacheco and Teddy Pavon, about the business and craft of comics.

Elbert Or's Manosaur!, Geekmatic (November 2013) - A brief write-up about my Manosaur comic project.

Partners in Crime, The Four Eyed Wonder (September 2013) - An interview with me and my wife Lorra, about our collaborative work.

Monsters Ink, The Philippine Daily Inquirer (July 2013) - "There is an exuberant inventiveness to Bakemono High Book One that makes the series transcend its original audience of children," writes Ruel S. de Vera in this review of my comic book.

The Elbert Or Project, The Philippine Daily Inquirer (January 2009) - A short feature on projects I had just recently released at the time, including the graphic novel Lola: A Ghost Story, and Without Further Adieu, my follow-up to the best-selling The More The Manyer.